Jan Beddegenoodts
Jan graduated as a journalist (TelevisionKHM) in 2009. During his studies he was hitch-hiking through Europe, couchsurfing in New York and helping to build a more humane prison in Congo. He did his internship with STVS (The national Television of Suriname). After he graduated as a journalist, he started focusing on Photography and travelling the world. In one year he travelled through India, Cuba and North America. After every new adventure, an exposition followed. Last year he was raving and protesting in Israel / Palestine which resulted in his first photobook and documentary: ‘THE TASTE OF FREEDOM’. Together with Niel Iwens he just finished the post production from his second documentary `THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY` a portrait from the Palestinian village Nabi Saleh and the opposite settlement Halamish. Thank God It’s Friday won the first prize in Buenos Aires at the biggest human rights film festival of South America. At the moment, Jan Beddegenoodts is touring with the taste of freedom project and Thank God It’s Friday through Israel, Palestine and Europe. ”Charlie goes to Burningman” – a short documentary about an 82-year-old professor who goes for the first time to Burningman – will be his next mission.

Jeffrey Chu
Jeffrey was born and raised in Taiwan. At age 13, Jeffrey discovered photography. Equipped with his Nikon FM2, inherited from his father, Jeffrey started his guerrilla photography on the street in the most agitated period of civil movement in Taiwan during the ‘80s. Jeffrey then proceeded to study cinema and started shooting films for his fellow classmates at San Francisco State Univ., where he completed a half dozen films, including one of his own short. As a professional cinematographer, Jeffrey collaborated on a variety of projects with Bay Area based Hotbed, including a documentary feature, “Confessions of a Burning Man,” and his narrative debut, “Happily, Even After,” premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. In 2006, Jeffrey left New York to start anew in Shanghai, where he continues his pursue of filmmaking. In 2012, Jeffrey’s latest feature, Falling City, was an official selection at Montreal Film Festival and received a cinematography award from the 7th annual Chinese Young Generation Film Forum.

Elisa Kang
Elisa discovered her love for creative arts through theatre and literature as a teenager. She often spent her school holidays and evenings working as a stage lighting designer for local Singaporean theatre companies, and through inspiring teachers learnt about the importance of the arts as a space for truth and beauty. Elisa contributes to this project by bringing with her 14 years of experience as a relationship builder and connector in the business and finance world and some rusty technical production skills in sound and lights. Her first burn was in 2013. She has been so inspired by the art on the playa that she has recently picked up welding and woodworking.

Unsu Lee
Unsu is a founding partner of Hotbed, a film production company. In 2001-03, he co-directed (with Paul Barnett) his first documentary, Confessions of a Burning Man. 10 years later, he is renewing his fascination with Burning Man by encountering Burners all over the world and having lots of great conversations with them. His primary interests include philosophy, literature, and the bridge between art and science, all of which he hopes to explore through the Dust Culture project.

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