Shooting Burning Man

Just days before we head off to another Burn, Dust Culture collaborator Jan Beddegenoodts brings us this short film which, ironically, deals with the fact that there might be too many people with cameras out in the desert. It’s a timely reminder to all of us media makers that it’s up to us to figure out where to draw the line between getting that shot and preserving the playa as a safe zone for other forms of expression.


For every one who says Burning Man is over, there is someone else who is busy proving that it isn’t. Casey Ho is a 3rd-time Burner who brought an impressive piece to the 2014 Burn. We like his piece a lot because it’s a commentary on the Creation Myth of Burning Man, and it’s also a counter-culture within the counter-culture. As long as there are thoughtful people like him within the community, Burning Man will keep going strong.


Mischell Riley

We met Mischell Riley when we visited The Generator, a 30’000 sq ft art space located in Reno. The Generator writes on their website that: “We don’t buy. We don’t sell. We dream. We Convene. We Create. We Make.” Artists like Mischell work on multiple projects at the Generator, and also teach their craft to others as a way of giving back to the community. No money is exchanged for imparting knowledge or the use of tools and materials at the Generator.

Mischell was one of the few at the workspace that day, and although she was on her way out to make some bronze moulds, she kindly took some time to share more about her story and her experience working in the Generator artist community space. We began to realize what an amazing talent we had stumbled across, and with such a humble and happy soul. It’s a joy for us to share her personal journey.

Mischell teaches sculpting online and at the Generator.

MGM Lion photo: Keith Watson


Mr Mumbles

One of our very first interviews with Burners was with the jolly Mr Mumbles. Outside of his day job, Mr Mumbles runs the Doodle Club in London, writes for a magazine and also hosts a radio show. We love his infectious enthusiasm, and how he brings a part of the playa with him wherever he goes.